Clash Royale- A Simple Addictive Game of Android and iOS Device

clash royale hackSupercell again introduces its new game which has a close relation toward its popular strategy game, Clash of Clans. Its new game is called as Clash Royale. And this game could be said as the spin-off game from Clash of Clans. Based on Clash Royale review, this game will combine the special famous characters from Clash of Clans with the new element of another game mode. Through its official website, Supercell announces that this is head to head strategy game which enables two players to play in the arena. Both have to do a duel in order to break down the others’ towers.

The Differences Between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

Clash Royale actually has the same purpose; it is an attacking home bases action game, the characteristic of Clash of Clans. The different is in Clash of Clans the players are ordered to attacks the enemy’s structured home base, whereas based on Clash Royale review in this game the players are only have to attack and break down the certain positioning towers within the arena to win the battle. This game has the same game mode with the other line defense game genre. What does make this game more unique is its line defense game mode is played with CCG or collectible card game. Here the players have to use the cards on their deck to attack the enemy and defend their base.

The players have to use the best card combinations and organize the strategy to win the battle. The players will also against the online enemy. The battle is established in the real time. The players are possible to against the other Clash Royale players from the other places. When the players are able to increase their levels, they will have another arena to play the next battle. In each arena, there are different obstacles and difficulty. If during the playing you are facing any difficulty you may possibly visit

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