About Country Wedding Dresses Symbol

Country Wedding DressesThe wedding is not a simple thing but it is a sacred thing and often considered as a symbol of new life for the bride and groom. Everyone must want a special wedding, a different one and the one which always remembers by both the bride and the audience. Because of that, many people wants an extraordinary wedding, unlike the usual wedding which is boring. Talking about the wedding, usually, a wedding is supported by elements of the wedding such as wedding ceremony, wedding party, decoration, places, and the most important part is wedding dresses. The selection of wedding dresses is based on different culture, places, and philosophy. That is why, here we want to talk about Country Wedding dresses which are the symbol of culture, places and also philosophy.

Country Wedding Dresses Values and Meaning

Wedding dresses are a symbol and a special jewelry of a wedding. Usually, wedding dresses will identify the bride’s origin. This is because of wedding dresses of one place with another place different. Wedding dresses have a deeper meaning, uniqueness symbolizes different culture. Usually, wedding ceremony influenced by the wedding dresses. Different wedding dresses worn so different kind of ceremony held. For example in the USA, the country wedding dresses are the one which symbolizes the culture of the old America like cowboy hats and many others. While in another country like in Indonesia, the country kind of wedding dresses is the Kebaya dan Batik Skirt. It is the kind of traditional dress which is worn by elites in the kingdom.

As told earlier about the different country dress for a different region, the country dress also symbolizes the culture of each region. Let’s take an example of Batik and Kebaya which show the personality of Indonesian women. It shows the soft, calm, patient and obedient kind of women. Well, maybe that’s all about the country wedding dresses, hope this information is helpful.

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