Enjoy the Beauty of Diving Komodo, Bottom of the Sea Nature

Diving KomodoIndonesia is an archipelago country which offers a lot of bottom of the sea nature beauty. You can say Bunaken, Wakatobi, Banda, Raja Ampat, and Komodo Island. Nowadays, diving Komodo Island becomes one of tourism object which is offered in Komodo National Marine Park Area. The beauty of beneath the sea scenery becomes one of its attractions, besides the existence of rare ancient animal in this Island. Yeah, this island is the home of the largest ancient animal in the world, Komodo dragon. That is the reason why this island is eventually called as Komodo Island.

Diving Komodo Island Services

Komodo Island is situated in Nusa Tenggara Archipelago; it includes as East Nusa Tenggara province. It is exactly situated in the westernmost of East Nusa Tenggara and abuts directly on West Nusa Tenggara province. It is one of the islands of Nusa Tenggara Archipelago, that’s why it has several beautiful diving spots surrounding the Island. In those beautiful diving, Komodo Island spots you will be able to look at beautiful sea creatures such as kinds of cute fishes, crabs, dolphins, whales, sharks, green turtles, ray fish, ridges of coral stones and sponges. It is very fascinating to have a scuba and diving in Komodo Island diving spots.

The beauty scenery of beneath the sea nature isn’t actually situated only in certain spots but it spread throughout the Komodo Islands. That was the reason why Komodo Island is known as one of the best tourism destination for diving, snorkeling, and scuba. Moreover, you are able to find out so many tourism packages in this area which will handle your vacation day. All of your needs are already prepared. You do not have to be confused by the equipment’s, transportations, as well as the accommodation. is one of the best tourism package choices for Komodo Island diving package.

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