Five Recommended Game to Be Played for Android

Online HackThe game is one of the best means to express someone’s feeling and to just enjoy their spare time. It is also as the easiest way to release some boredom. Besides, the game also able to give some benefits, such as educating and stimulating someone’s brain. Today, the android device becomes such a best console to play a game. There are a lot of games which is available for android device. You are even able to get it free because some game developers offer such an open-source game to download. You are free to choose which game you like best. It may be a bit confusing to choose which game is best. Here are 5 recommended games to be played as they are included as the best game in 2016.

5 Recommended Game Reviews

Pokémon Go, it is totally undoubted to be one of the best games in 2016. The fever of Pokémon Go goes widespread all over the world. Since its launching, this game has attracted most of the android users to download it immediately. This game becomes so popular only in days. This game enables the player to connect the real world to the game, as this game was made as augmented reality game genre. The second, Mobius Final Fantasy, for all Final Fantasy fans this game could be one of game lists should be downloaded soon. Mobius Final Fantasy focuses in turn-based battle while collecting the cards. You must know that this isn’t wholly open-world game, you must do a journey and some battles to increase your level.

The third game is Fortress legends. This is an RPG (role-playing game) game. It was launched by Namco Bandai. Fortress Legends is a role-playing game for android with a lot of real-time battle, basic elements, and full of magic and exciting experience. Online hack can be utilized if you got some difficulties during the playing. Fallout Shelter becomes the next recommended game. It was released in 2015. It is a strategy game. It’s complicated-story could make you addicted. Lara Croft: Relic Run is the last recommended game. This game is quite similar to Temple Run with a different figure. It is also one of the android addicted game.

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