What are The Functions of Google Play Services?

google play servicesLately, there is something odd in Smartphone with the basic of Android. You know there is an application with the symbol of Google using “g” initial. In fact, you know that you never install that application before. Well, it is not an illegal application and it is not harmful to the system in your Smartphone. The application is called Google Play Services. This application is also called as Google Settings in your Smartphone. This application is an application runs in the background so that to make that feature everyone makes Google Setting. Then is this Google Setting play a significant role in your Android system?

The Functions of Google Play Services You Should Know

Well, the answer will soon be known by you. The things you should know is that this kind of service application has a function to update the Google apps and also all of the application within Google Play. Google setting has a function as the controller of Google Play Services. If you have Google Play then you can see the authentication data from the other application or website, even contact synchronization and Google map service which is connected to your Google account.

From the explanation above can be concluded that the application with the symbol of Google is real and it is official Google. It is not a threat to your Android system because it is not harmful. On the contrary, it has many functions and it is very beneficial for the users of Android. Google Play Services will help you to detect harmful application for your Smartphone. After that, Google also will help to control the third party which is connected to your Google account just like when you are going to log into the web using Google+, or playing games using Google + account too. Besides Google also will manage detected location data for you.

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