How to Install a Printer Without Using CD

How to Install a Printer Without Using CD

We will provide information on how to install the printer without using the installation CD. For those of you who will install the printer but you lost or damaged the installation CD, then follow the instructions below to install the printer online.

Things to do:

– Identify whether your printer regular printer or all-in-one printer.

– Identify the state printer manufacturer and model of the printer you want to install.

Here’s how to install printer drivers online:

  • Go to to download the printer driver.
  • Go to page driver and support; to download a driver for your printer.
  • Type in all or part of your product’s name where it says Product Name for Printers Epson and HP printers for you type in the name and product number. There will be a place to type in the product name or model number of pages when you open the printer driver. Now you are on the page where your printer is displayed and the site will give you the option to download the driver.
  • Click on the download button to download the appropriate driver for your operating system at this time.
  • Go the folder where you saved the file, double-click it and choose to unzip the file.
  • When the printer is disconnected from the computer, select the installation software.
  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • If you do not have internet access ask a friend to store files on a flash drive or burn your drivers on a CD and you can install your printer with the driver files.
  • If you call the manufacturer of your printer they can send you a new installation disk if you do not have Internet access and you do not have friends who would do the above for you.
  • If you do not have friends who will do the above for you, go to the nearest Internet cafe.


Make sure you choose the right operating system that corresponds to the printer you are installing. Downloading the wrong driver can cause damage to your computer.

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