Sims 3 House Tips

sims 3 houseHouse is the place to gather with your family, hence it must be designed in the best way. For those who want to design a great house, the following sims 3 house tips can be applied. One of them is about the tips in designing a small living room. As it is known that living room is the important room in a house. However, it is difficult enough to design such a small living room in order not to seem messy and very small. Then, if you face this problem now it is the time for you to know some tips how to design a small living room below.

Sims 3 House Tips For Small Living Room

In this sim 3 house tips for small living room, there are some things which must be considered. For the first one is the furniture that will be put there. Since you have a small living room, it is difficult enough to choose the furniture like you want. In this case, the size and the model of them should be right. It means that the size of them must be smaller so that there is more space in your living room. About the model, it is nice to choose a long sofa only so it just needs one side of the room only.

Moreover, the decoration in this room must be right as well. Due to the small space in the living room, you do not need to put too many accessories there. You can just need to put some hanging lamps with simple design and a simple wall decoration only. Last, the color of the wall in the small living room must bring such a large room impression. In this sims 3 house tips, the color you can choose is white combined by gray or another light color.

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