The Theme of Clash of Clans

clash of clans hackClash of Clans game has stimulation theme with strategy and social aspect. Also, you can build your own alliance or join the alliance which exists before. If you have ever play Travian, you will be familiar with this game. However, the Clash of Clans has a better picture revolution and more interesting menus. In this game, you are able to build a troop of Wizard, Barbarian, and Dragons to attack other COC players. Actually, this game is for multiplayer but if you don’t like it, you can play with a single player mode to fight with the king of Goblin.

Menus in the Clash of Clans Game

You can use and upgrade this game until 10 units. Like the explanation above, you can attack the other players but you can be attacked by the opponents. However, don’t be afraid because you can build watchtowers, cannons, and recruit troops and any other weapons and seek the trick at the site which provide the hack or cheats. This game is free so don’t doubt to download it if you haven’t download it. The players of this game have very important role in building a region for them. Also, this game is a group game.

In this android game, COC has several menus on the left and the right. The menus on the left are the message, overview, war menus, and attack. In addition, the menus on the right are an archive, setting, defense position editor, and shop menu. On the shop menu, we can buy anything and we can buy tools using Elixir or Gold. Also, you are able to buy the Elixir and The gold at the Treasure menu. The last, we can buy some building such as Gold Mine, Gold Storage, Dark Elixir Drill, Elixir Collector, Builder Hut, and Dark Elixir Storage in the shop resource menu. To get the ease to play Clash of Clans you can visit

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